Forest Preserve Equestrian Trails

Adjacent to the Riding Center are the Spring Creek Forest Preserve Equestrian Trails. The Park District and the Cook County Forest Preserve District are separate organizations with different rules and fees. Together, they provide a unique equestrian experience.

  • The Forest Preserve District of Cook County has their own rules for equestrians. If you ride on forest preserve trials you should know their rules:


•   Walk horses between stable and trail.
•   Be courteous and considerate.
•   Slow to a walk or slow trot when meeting other riders and hikers.
•   Do not race horses – always keep horses under control.
•   Stallions are not permitted on trails.
•   Be humane and kind to your horse.
•   The only permitted gaits are walk, trot or slow canter. No galloping, please.
•   Stay on established trails.
•   Keep to the right of trail.

Failure to follow Forest Preserve rules could result in revocation of your license.