Frequently Asked Questions…

Can I board my horse at the Riding Center?
No, we do not board horses at our facility.

Can I rent a horse for trail riding?
The Park District does not rent trail horses.

What is a Park District?
A Park District is a form of local government authorized to operate recreational facilities.

What is a Park Board?
The Park Board is a legislative body composed of five Commissioners. The Park Board sets the rules and policies for the efficient operation of the Park District. Meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 at the Riding Center 361 Bateman Road, Barrington Hills.

What is a Commissioner?
Park District Commissioners are elected by the residents of their district and serve the community without any compensation. It is a Commissioner’s responsibility to organize, maintain, promote, and protect the recreational facilities within their district.

I live in Barrington Hills, do I belong to the Barrington Hills Park District?
Not all residents of Barrington Hills are within the Barrington Hills Park District boundaries. Please check your tax statement to determine your residency status.

Is the Barrington Hills Park District part of the Barrington Park District?
Barrington Hills Park District is not part of the Barrington Park District; each Park District has its own recreational programs, facilities and boundaries.

Who can use the Barrington Hills Park District Riding Center?
Any resident, or out-of-district non-resident, is welcome at the Riding Center. The Barrington Hills Park District does not discriminate against any person using the Riding Center, participating in Park District programs or services on the basis of sex, race, religion, or cultural background.

Do I need to join the Riding Club of Barrington Hills or the Pony Club to ride my horse at the Riding Center?
No, you do not need to join the Riding Club of Barrington Hills or the Pony Club to use the Riding Center. The above clubs represent some of the educational, social, and recreational clubs that enjoy the use of the Park District’s Facility.

What are the Park District’s requirements to ride on the grounds or in the arena?
The Park Board of Commissioners asks everyone to follow the Riding Center rules and policies. Individuals participating in an equine activity are asked to sign a waiver every year. Waivers are also required when participating in events held at the Riding Center or using Park District property. You may view the Rules and Policies on our web site. You may obtain a waiver form at the Riding Center or may print a waiver from the web site. You may also download the Barrington Hills Park District Helmet Policy from the web site.

Who is on the Advisory Committee?
The Advisory Committee is a six-member board. The Riding Club and Pony Club each have two representatives.  Club representatives are nominated by their respective clubs and approved by the Park District Board.  The Park District appoints two at-large representatives.

Can I drop my child off at the Riding Center?
The Barrington Hills Park District does not provide any supervision of any activity at the Barrington Riding Center facility or upon its grounds. It is impossible for the Barrington Hills Park District to guarantee the safety of any one who is in, or uses the facility and its grounds for any purpose. It is the responsibility of the Parent or Legal Guardian to determine whether the child and/or any equine animal used by the child is physically fit, appropriate and/or skilled enough to engage in any equine activity.

If I have a question or a comment, what should I do?
The Park Board is dedicated to serving its residents and welcomes all comments, feedback, and suggestions. You may email the Park District Office or snail mail BCPD, P.O. Box 1393, Barrington, IL 60011, or drop off your comments at the Riding Center’s suggestion box (green mailbox in the main barn aisle).

Who pays for the Barrington Countryside Riding Center?
Residents of the Barrington Hills Park District pay the majority of the Park District’s expenses. The revenue is collected through the residents’ taxes. In addition, a very small amount is collected through programs and/or facility rentals.

How are residents’ tax dollars spent?
The Barrington Hills Park District uses residents’ tax dollars to conduct the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the Riding Center Facility. In addition, the Park District has constructed and maintains six tennis courts at the Countryside School. The Park District also provides a Rebate Program that offers the opportunity for residents to take advantage of Park District programs outside of the Barrington Hills Park District. Public records, information, and documents may be requested by contacting the Park District office for a Freedom of Information Act FOIA form. Contact the Barrington Hills Park District, Attention Records Department, at 364 Bateman Road, Barrington, IL 60010 with your request.