Riding Center Rental Guide

Barrington Hills Park District Riding Center is an equestrian facility rented on a limited basis for equestrian and other Board-approved activities.

The Riding Center is only rented to registered non-profit organizations in good standing.

We encourage you to have several possible dates to submit when requesting a rental so that we may have the greatest chance to accommodate your rental event.

Contact the Barrington Hills Park District Administrative Assistant regarding rental requests, availability and questions, 847-783-6772.

Barrington Hills Park District Rental Parameters
7 total rental days per month
2 weekend rentals per month, preferably every other weekend
Not more than 3 consecutive rental days
Signing of rental contract indicates compliance, understanding, and knowledge of all contents of Barrington Hills Park District Riding Center Rental Manual. Please read the entire rental contract and rental manual carefully.

There is a $15 Participant User Fee for each participant when the Riding Center is being rented by a group or organization.

Please pay special attention to insurance requirements as rental will not take place without proper Certificate of Insurance on file.

Rental requests must be received by the Barrington Hills Park District Office six weeks prior to date. Application must be received allowing time for review by Advisory Committee and approval by Barrington Hills Park District Board of Commissioners. 

The Advisory Committee meets on the First Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.  and the Board meets on the Second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. both meetings are held at the Riding Center.