The Barrington Hills Park District is nestled within the 3,900 acres of the Spring Lake Preserve

oak-slider1The Spring Lake Preserve includes riding and hiking trails and the Barrington Hills Park District owns, and operates the Riding Center, located at  361 Bateman Road, Barrington Hills, Illinois, consisting of approximately 15 acres located immediately to the west of the Spring Lake Preserve.

The Cook County Forest Preserve District and the Barrington Hills Park District wish to provide valuable recreational facilities and programs to their residents and others in the most efficient and cost-effective manner possible; and the residents of  BHPD and surrounding communities have engaged in equestrian activities for recreational purposes at least since the 1920s, and have developed maintained or utilized a system of riding and walking trails and paths extending for approximately 116 miles, including within the Spring Lake Preserve.

Barrington Hills Park District has owned, controlled, managed and maintained the Riding Center at 361 Bateman Road, Barrington Hills, Illinois since October 26, 1972.

The Riding Club of Barrington Hills and the Fox River Valley Pony Club have obtained annual permits from the Cook County Forest Preserve District to conduct equestrian events utilizing these “eventing courses”and other riding and hiking trails in the Spring Lake Preserve.

The Barrington Hill Park District’s Mission Statement

The Barrington Hills Park District is dedicated to enhance the lives of its residents with programs and recreational facilities, and to ensure our citizens and families accessibility to open space, public land, and equestrian pursuits.


The Barrington Hills Park District’s Board of Commissioners:

Dennis Kelly, President

Steven Allen, Vice President

Jessica Underwood, Secretary

Gigi Iacovelli, Treasurer

Drew McMahon, Commissioner