Trainer Registration Information

Annual Trainer Registration – June 1 through June 30

Trainers are required to register with the Barrington Hills Park District to be eligible to train horses or riders at the Riding Center.

Beginning June 1, 2016 all registered trainers are required to carry Horse Trainer Liability Insurance with a liability limit of one (1) million dollars or more. The certificate of insurance must list the Barrington Hills Park District as an additional insured.

Proof of coverage must be provided to the Park District by having your insurance carrier mail a certificate of insurance to the Barrington Hills Park District office at: PO Box 1393 Barrington IL 60011

When trainers register between June 1 and June 30, during the annual registration period, the fee is $75. Between July 1,  and May 31, the fee is $100.00.

Registration may be completed by using our electronic form. It’s fast, easy, and secure. Easy Pay Pal payment. Submit Online Trainer Registration.

Registration may also be completed by downloading a PDF Trainer Packet. Mail the completed form and payment to: Barrington Hills Park District, P.O. Box 1393, Barrington, Illinois, 60011. Download Trainer Application PDF 

Once your registration is approved, payment has been received and we received your certificate of insurance, you will receive an email invitation to register with, our online lesson trainer calendar.


A list of registered trainers will be posted at the Riding Center and on the web site.


The trainers listed are not employees or independent contractors of, or affiliated in any manner with the Barrington Hills Park District (“BHPD”). They are individuals who have registered with BHPD in order to use the BHPD Riding Center to provide training lessons to/for their own clients. The following list of trainers is provided for informational purposes only and does not represent an endorsement by BHPD of any trainer on the list. The qualifications listed next to each registered trainer’s name have been provided by that trainer. BHPD has not researched or conducted any reference or background check on any trainer and makes no representation regarding any trainer’s qualifications, character, fitness or competence to provide lessons to you, your minor child or ward, or to provide training of your horse. Individuals seeking lessons or horse training from one of the trainers listed herein must conduct their own such investigation or otherwise satisfy themselves that a selected trainer is qualified, fit and competent to provide lessons to them and/or their minor child or ward or to train their horse. The Barrington Hills Park District Trainer Registration Policy applies to both trainers teaching/coaching students from the ground or from the saddle, and trainers training horses from the ground or from the saddle.  Both require registration with the Barrington Hills Park District to be eligible to use the Riding Center for training activities.